Meet Kirstin Beal!

Director of Sales
Boston’s energy, historic charm, and the never ending list of things to do, see, and experience wooed Kirstin from the moment she stepped foot outside her college dorm. Kirstin began her career with Blue Man Group in 2004 after years in Radio (both in sales and on-air). She loves working with her loyal clients, ticketing partners, travel & tourism industry colleagues, and is very involved in the Greater Boston Concierges Association.

Meet Meraris Diaz!

Group Account Manager
At Blue Man Group, Meraris focuses on providing exceptional customer service to visiting groups and developing sales & marketing strategies to increase college student awareness and attendance. Known in her office as the “Snapchat Queen”, Meraris enjoys creating unique content to attract new audiences on Snapchat and writes Spanish copy for television, print, and social media.

As a member of the Network for Arts Administrators of Color (NAAC Boston), Meraris is dedicated to supporting the growth of diversity in the Arts sector.